Building the Future: 3 reasons why there will be more software but less developer

Before we jump right into it. Here’s why we’re doing this article. Working for a software agency, we don’t want to reduce the competition. Pinky promise! It’s because of the people asking us if they should switch to a development-career. We often advise against it! Software is eating the world. Marc Andreessen was right in 2011. Does the increase of software go hand in hand with the need for devs? Here are three reasons why the world needs fewer Devs than it seems!

Reason 1: Are you the chosen one?

Let’s start with a classic. Brooks Law from 2003 already says that adding manpower to a late software project makes it later. In other words, involving more people doesn’t create a linear increase in output. This mismatch accelerates if we bring the dimension of software developer seniority to the plate! Some Devs are better than others! A theory says that the best are 10x more productive than the worst ones. If you are a trained biker you are faster than a rookie.

Bad news for all the juniors? Every pro was a rookie once. The thing that really counts is the quality of your work. You have to become one of the chosen ones. On the other hand, the senior’s salary is not reflecting this trend. Show us a senior who earns as much as ten juniors together. It’s obviously a bargain for companies to identify the one developer with 10x productivity

Reason 2: Software: Everybody’s darling!

In the future we will have to say it more often: Welcome to the club! Low-Code and No-Code (LCNC) are the door openers for non-devs to the previously exclusive club of software developers. They are drag-and-dropping into our world. More people can develop applications for their business workflows now.

The adoption is increasing. Currently, software developers use these tools for prototyping. It makes finding the right path and showcasing easier. It helps to reduce the development capacity that is necessary for “wrong trials”. You can visualize the value of the software before the actual code is written.

Haters say that LCNC related topics exist for a long time and never established themselves. Bubble and Airtable might prove them wrong. The democratization will also speed up through the advance of Artificial Intelligence. Now, we are talking about prototyping. In the future, it might be expanded to writing and testing actual code with AI.

Reason 3: Generalists have more benefits

This one is not exclusive to Software Development. Jacks of all trades are on the rise!  The combination of skills and knowledge is the key rather than specialization. If we apply this to software development generalists combine a variety of useful attributes.

They have knowledge of business, user, design, products, and technology! And don’t forget about the soft skills. Empathy, creativity, and curiosity are the keys to solutions that combine multiple aspects. That’s especially relevant when you keep reason two in mind.

So… where does this road go?

The software development craft will be split into two sections. Most software will be developed automatically or with LCNC from the generalists. The most important software people will be the few chosen ones with deep technical and architectural knowledge. This is not just a trend and will change the status quo.

That’s why we’re arguing against becoming a dev if you are not really into it!