Bringing builders’ mentality on board.

Say Ahoy to our Builders’ Crew!

Daniel Kremerov - founder and innovator


As a founder of a software agency, he enjoys building a sustainable and innovative business. He likes to dive into a broad range of topics to identify and apply new learnings across those fields. Long on mental models. Short on inflexible systems.

Lukas Steib - product manager


As a product manager he likes to put himself in the shoes of the users. Pain points and needs ignite his desire to build. To him empathy and communication are king.

Max Hoffmann - tech journalist


He is a studied tech-journalist and innovation communicator. In a fast world, it’s his job to explain the rapid changes to everyone. Spreading builders’ knowledge and no sailors’ yarn!

We are the dock into the builders’ scene

Building is not just about developing software products or growing businesses. It’s more like a novel perspective on doing things. Building means being hands-on, entrepreneurial, unconventional, passionate, and creative. You can transfer this mindset to diverse subjects in life! So here’s what you can expect from the Dock: 

Product Building

  • First-hand reports of the exact journey for products and product ideas that we pursued (incl. what went wrong and how far the product got)
  • Live journey of us building a new product with all ups and downs

Business Building

  • Reports of how we built a successful service business within <1 year in 2020. How we brought it from 0 to 1 and how we are currently optimizing it
  • Which aspects were individual or luck and which might be re-applicable to other businesses
  • Automating an organization without code

Other subjects we approach with a builders’ mentality:

  • Culture Building
  • Talent Building
  • Development Flows Building
  • Sales Pipeline Building
  • Building reputation
  • Builders’ view on industries

Sounds good? We think so too! It is a pleasure for us to create the content and share our insights and knowledge with you!